Celebrating our Gospel Value Heroes in Worship “Faithfulness is to be loyal to God and follow his teachings.”


We had a special Worship on Monday to celebrate everyone who has demonstrated ‘Faithfulness’ over the past half term.

Mrs Astbury read out our nominations by staff and children spotted throughout school this half term and we put these in our special book. Well done if you were nominated


Posted by THastings on 17 July 2019

Year 1 Lead Our Worship

Year 1 lead our Worship this week all about Faithfulness and taught us about Joseph in the Old Testament and how he showed great faith in God to get him through tough times! Year 1 also shared with us what their dreams are just like Joesph.



Posted by THastings on 9 July 2019

How can the Bible guide us in our lives?

Suw from BSYW lead our Worship this week and helped us to understand how the Bible can be a guiding light in our lives.  We also learnt a song with her Book Worm puppet to help us remember how the Bible – filled with God’s love can help us.


Posted by THastings on 3 July 2019


Mr Bovenizer came in to tell us the story of the paralysed man and how his 4 friends helped and supported him to see Jesus. His friends helped, supported and respected the paralysed man, showing friendship and faithfulness. 
Faith acrostic- 




Posted by THastings on 26 June 2019

Foundation Stage Worship Summer Term

Well done to Foundation Stage who lead our Worship all about our core Gospel Value Faithfulness and how to be a faithful in our own lives.  Thank you to all the parents and carers, who came into school afterwards to share in the activities.




Posted by THastings on 21 June 2019

Year 6 Keeping Healthy Worship


Year 6 lead our Worship during Health Week and we celebrated the amazing bodies God has given to us and how we need to be responsible for looking after them the best that we can.



Posted by THastings on 19 June 2019

Worship Team Arsts and Crafts Celebrating Eid Wednesday 5th June 2019

Our Worship Team lead an arts and crafts session to celebrate the Muslim fesitval of Eid, which is celebrated at the end of Ramadan.




Posted by THastings on 11 June 2019

BSYW Worship: How are you recognised? Is it for good reasons?

Sue from BSYW lead our Worship and we discussed this after she played a blind fold game with some volunteers.

She told of the story of Jesus appearing to the disciples and how they recognised him, when he broke the bread just like at the last supper.  We were left thinking about how can we be…


Posted by THastings on 7 June 2019

Reverend Anne’s Communion Worship St Paul and Wisdom

Reverend Anne lead our Communion Service this week and we learnt about St Paul and the wise choices he made in his life.



Posted by THastings on 22 May 2019

Year 4 Class Worship Christianity in Ancient Egypt and The Old Testament

Year 4 lead our whole school Worship and taught us about Moses and Joseph in the Old Testament because it links with their topic of Ancient Egypt.  The Year 4’s entertained us brilliant role plays and sang a song from the musical ‘Joseph’ to help us learn about the story.  They taught us that both…


Posted by THastings on 9 May 2019

Our visit to St Stephen’s School in Preston

Our Worship Team went to meet some children from St Stephen’s School in Preston. We made links with this school following the pupil RE conference, when Maddie and Hope got to know Eunice and Victoria from St Stephen’s School.  The visit gave our children opportunity to meet some new children, who…


Posted by THastings on 7 May 2019


Thank you to everyone who joined us in celebrating Easter in our church with all the children.  Each class lead an Easter song and children from KS1 and KS2 helped retell the Easter story using role play and actions.  The classes all made palm leaves to wave and it was a huge celebration of the…


Posted by THastings on 30 April 2019