Year 4 at the Indoor Athletics Tournament

On Tuesday the 13th November 2018, Year 4 visited Carr Hill High School to take part in the Indoor Athletics tournament. Our class were up against teams from seven other schools. We were there for the afternoon and everybody got to take part in three or four events to help our team reach for victory.

We took part in field event such as long jump, high jump and javelin and track events. The track events were very exciting. All of the competitors watched as racing teams of up to four people ran as fast as they could: even through obstacles in one race! We supported all of our runners amazingly by cheering them on as they ran past us.

Everybody in our class showed excellent sportsmanship and our Gospel Value of respect: we supported all of our team mates; we tried new events; and put in lots of effort. Overall our team came 7th and lots of our class said that we would love to take part again.

Here is what some members of our class said about the afternoon:

Kenzia: I enjoyed taking part in the four by four repay race. I enjoyed the speed bounce the most because it’s a really quick bouncing race where you have twenty seconds to do as many bounces as you can.  I would recommend that you go next year as it could reveal your true talent.

Kai: I took part in the chest push, long jump and obstacle course. I enjoyed the obstacle course because it has lots of activities in it.

Ella H: I took part in the speed bounce, the two lap relay and the hurdles. I definitely enjoyed doing the hurdles the most. Jess and I jumped high over them. If you have the opportunity to go you should because it was lots of fun.

Izzie-Mae: I took part in five strides, over and under and chest push. I enjoyed over and under the most. I would recommend other pupils to go because it was great in the sports dome and it was a bit like sports day.

Posted by THastings on 5 December 2018