Year 6: All about our trip to Borwick Hall

Our class is very lucky because we go on a special trip each year that lasts for two days and nights.


We stay at a place called Borwick Hall and we do lots of activities that are exciting and help us to develop as a team.

Here are some highlights and photos of our Borwick Hall residential visit…

    We have just arrived and we’ve started our first activity. We all have to stand on the see-saw and make it balance.



  We had lots of fun climbing.

  Canoeing was brilliant!    But the water was cold!

  We liked caving.  We had to crawl through some dark tunnels.

  We had a great time hanging out with our friends.

 We liked using a bow and arrow for archery.

   Just about to leave. Aren’t we cute! Thanks Borwick for all the memories. See you next year.



Posted by THastings on 22 November 2017

Category: Year 6 2017