Sports Premium




What is the Sports Premium?

The Government has provided funding for school PE and Sport. The funding is being jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport and will see money going directly to primary school Head Teachers to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE for all their children. Each school gets £8000 plus £5 per child. Medlar with Wesham CE Primary School will receive a total of £8,438 over the academic year, paid in two instalments. Schools have to spend their Sports Premium funding on improving the provision of PE and sport, but have been given the freedom to choose how they do this.


Objective of Sports Premium at Medlar with Wesham CE Primary School

At Wesham CE we are strongly committed to increasing the pupils physical literacy and understanding of how health and exercise is vital for mental and physical well being. This is evident in the wide range of activities that we offer, including being involved in competitive sports. We recognise the importance of PE to the health and well-being of our children and the impact the PE curriculum and extra-curricular activities can have on the attitudes, confidence and academic achievement of all children.


When making decisions about Sport Premium spending it is important to consider the context of the school and subsequent challenges faced by individual pupils and by the school environment as a whole.  The challenges are varied and there is no ‘one size fits all’.  Opportunities are offered to pupils who would benefit from additional exercise and the subsequent health and fitness benefits associated with this.

Through targeted interventions together with general offers to all children we are working to raise the profile of sport, exercise and health for all children in school.

Registers are kept for clubs to see engagement.

Sport Premium Spending 2017/18

Sport Premium spending 2016/17


Amount of pupil premium funding received in 2016/17






Sport Premium spent on

Brief details

(please include which year groups are involved in this initiative or action)

Amount spent


Teaching Staff CPD

Daily Mile Project – release time

Daily Maths Project – 2 members of staff plus class release time.



To integrate core curriculum subjects within a context of physical activity.

Teaching Assistants

Additional TA hours

  • Group Intervention
  • Team practice
  • Team Competition management
  • Inter-school Competition Co-Ordinator.
  • In-house school Co-Ordinator


Dedicated staff member with training to represent school at Inter-school competitions.  Team preparation.

Raising profile of sport/enjoyment

Service Level Agreement with High School

  • Attending all Inter-School Competitions


Engagement with all local cluster schools.  Raise profile of competition in sport.

Change 4 Life Club

Raising the physical fitness for identified pupils. External Provider during curriculum hours weekly sessions.


Opportunities to engage in non-competitive exercise.  Self-esteem & confidence building programme.

PE Scheme of Work for Foundation Stage

Complete coverage of all areas of learning for developing/growing children.


Balanced delivery of all learning objectives regarding Physical Education.

Extra-Curricular Provision

  • Dodgeball club provided free.
  • Fencing After school Club.
  • Cheerleading After School Club

KS2 throughout the year.

KS1 February – June.

  • Blackpool School of Dance Jan – March

Pupils all performed in evening at Celebration event.









Enhanced participation.

Experience of a new sport.

Experience of taking part in a National Competition.


Experience of new sport. Pupils learnt Charleston Dance & performed at Dance Festival at Tower Ballroom Blackpool.

Lunch-time provision

External provider – Summer Term

Hire of local Scout Hut to facilitate lunch club. Summer Term.


Increased engagement of pupils in physical activities at lunch time.


Including: Fit Kit Goals; Badminton posts, nets, rackets; Athletics equipment; Dodgeballs; Gymnastic mats.

Other equipment to facilitate participation in all tournaments.


Improved learning experiences.


Hire of Community Centre ½ day weekly throughout the year.


Hire of Sports Hall Badminton Courts running up to the School Badminton Competition.





School hall too small, not fit for purpose to realise the National Curriculum requirements.

Pupils to experience court positioning and game tactics.

Extra Provision

Yoga offered as a breakfast club.


No take up of the offer.






How Wesham CE  Primary will use the funding

Our school, along with all the other primary schools in Fylde schools cluster, have decided

to buy into the Service Level Agreement with Carr Hill High School.  This partnership means that all competitions, Festivals and tournaments are hosted by Carr Hill High, using their facilities.  The following competitions, Festivals and tournaments are held throughout the year:

Y3/4 – football,                     Y5/6 – Boys Football                       Y5/6 - Girls Football

Y3/4 – multi-skills                 Y5/6 – Kwik Cricket                         Y5/6 – Tag Rugby

Y3/4 - Ultimate Frizbee       Y5/6 - Netball/High 5’s,                   Y5/6 - Badminton

Y3/4 - Indoor Sportshall Athletics                                                 Y5/6 – Indoor Sportshall Athletics

Y3/4 – Orienteering             Y3/4/5/6 – Outside Athletics           Y5/6 – Rounders

Y3/4 – Handball                   Y5/6 – Dodgeball                             Y5/6 – Tri-golf


The school employs a sport specialist TA to coach and accompany all teams to the tournaments and festivals. 

Premises  Due to the exceptionally small size of the school hall, the school hires the Wesham Community Centre every Friday afternoon during the school year, in order to provide a better sport learning space for the upper junior children.

Hire of Lunchtime indoor premises are being sought in order to enhance the opportunities for sporting/physical activities.


Staff Training – We have a planned and ongoing programme to up-skill teaching staff in the delivery of PE curriculum areas. The following have been purchased since the Sport Premium was introduced:

  • The Senior Lancashire County Council Adviser to deliver staff training for Gymnastics and Dance.
  • Sports4all sport company to work alongside Y 3/4/5/6 staff on a rolling programme improving the delivery of invasion games, games that involve held equipment eg. Hockey sticks, tennis racquets, rounders bats.
  • A specialist Cheerleading teacher to train staff and lead KS1 pupils in the discipline of cheerleading.  This discipline fulfils many of the KS1 Fundamental Movement Skills necessary in the early years of sport development. 
  • The Daily Mile – training provided by the Wyre Schools’ Sport Partnership – attended by 2 members of staff. Introduced into the school day Spring Term 2017
  • Maths Outside – Training provided for 2 members of staff to trial implementation Spring 2017.

Class teachers are present throughout the delivery of the sessions in order to maximise the long term impact of the learnt knowledge.


Extra-curricular sports clubs – we will have at least 2 after school sports clubs per

half term. The clubs are run by experienced sports coaches.

The following clubs will be running this academic year 16/17

Autumn Term 2016              KS2  -  Fencing;   Football;  Cheer Leading;  Netball; Dodgeball

                                                KS1 -  Gymnastics/Fundamental Movement Skills

Spring Term 2017                KS2 – Cheer Leading;  Netball;  Badminton; athletics; Tag Rugby;


                                                KS1 – Cheer Leading;

Summer Term 2017             KS2 – Rounders; athletics; Kwik Cricket; Cheer Leading;

                                                KS1 – Cheer Leading;                                 


It is hoped that the wide range of activities will attract children who have not previously attended after-school sports clubs.



Additional resources have been bought to increase the effective delivery of the sport agenda:

Badminton nets, posts, rackets, shuttles. Dodgeballs;  Football nets (small) for indoor games practice;

Footballs, Netballs, Athletics equipment eg. speed bounce;  Track suits for team representation at tournaments and festivals.

Cheer Leading uniform to attend the National Competition. Cheer Leading Pom Poms for the National Competition.

Essential sport equipment for EYFS pupils to develop basic sporting skills.



How does the Sports Premium fit in with existing school sport

Children in every class at Wesham CE Primary School participate in 2 hours of PE a week. Teachers plan lessons from the Lancashire scheme of work for PE which includes Gymnastics, Games, Dance, Outdoor and Adventurous Activities and Swimming (in Y4/5). Children will continue to compete in local leagues and tournaments. The PE sport specialist and the subject leader for PE attends meetings of the association.

This year, the school staff will take teams to compete in inter- school matches in

football, 6-a-side football, netball, rounders, athletics and cross country.

Any staff member with an enthusiasm for a particular sport is encouraged to run a club to promote skills in that activity.

Clubs (Change 4 Life) specifically targeted at pupils who would benefit from additional physical activity are provided during curriculum time. A register of attendance is kept.


How will we evaluate impact of the extra funding

The PE subject leader is monitoring participation in the clubs supported by the Sports Premium Funding to ensure as many pupils as possible access the clubs. The whole school tracking and monitoring procedures ensure that all curriculum objectives are covered and covered well.  The colour coded tracking system highlights those pupils who need extra support in the area of physical activity.  A register of participation is taken and a statistical analysis used to see if access to physical activity clubs increases.