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Our School Council Promotes Recycling in our School!

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2016 - 17

If you have any ideas on how to improve our school please talk to your School Council Rep and they can talk about it at our meetings.

Our School Council gave everyone the message about how to use our 'Power for Good' on Anti Bullying Week November 2016.

Auti Bullying Week Worship


Our School Council have helped to improve our front playground area and been involved in the designing, planning and discussions with our School Governors.

Take a look at our presentation to the Governors.

Final Presentation to Governors



Agenda September 2016

Agenda October 2016

Agenda November 2016 

Agenda January 2017

Agenda February 2017 

Agenda March 2017 

Agenda April 2017

Agenda May 2017


School Council 2016/17

Action Plan:


What do we want to achieve?


Have we achieved it?

Helping our Community and Charities:



  1. Chilli Children Charity - making links with the children there by sending them a book all about us and a video.
  2. Chilli Children, JDRF and Manchester Children’s Hospital to be supported during non-uniform days.
  3. Children In Need – dress up wearing numbers.
  4. Red Nose Day ideas to be decided by School Council.

October 2016




All year 2016 – 17


November 2016


March 2017

1) Yes :-) we designed and created a book all about our school and Mr Richardson took it to Uganda with him.

2) Yes :-) we helped raise over £900 this year for our 3 charities

3) Yes :-) we helped raise over £200 for Children In Need.

4) Yes :-) we raised over £200 for Red Nose Day

Improving our school environment:



  1. Designing a new front playground and markings to improve what we can do at playtimes and Year 1 outside area.
  2. Help to create the ‘Great British Garden’ using our plans from last year.

September 2016




Spring 2017

Yes :-) we helped to design and persuade the Governors to improve our playground.

This idea has now been changed as our Great British Garden is now used for 'Forest Schools' activities.

We did help to choose and plan and ask the Governors to support our idea of an outdoor gym.

Keeping Happy and  Healthy:




  1. Fun run in Health Week to raise money for our charities.
  2. School Council selling and making fruit kebabs during Health week for our charities.
  3. Sending out the anti bullying message to the school and how to be good friends during Anti Bullying and Anti Cyber Bullying Week.

June 2017


June 2017




Nov 2017

Yes :-) this raised over £800 in a sponsored run on our field.

Yes :-) we made and sold fruit pots to all our friends.

Yes :-) we organised an anti bullying assembly and awarded 'Power For Good' certificates to classes.

Eco Warriors:

  1. To introduce compost bins to collect fruit and vegetable skins and then make compost to be used in our garden areas.
  2. To re-use plastic bottles and teach the rest of the school about saving water.  Organise a Water Aid Day.

February 2017




February 2017

Yes :-) we have introduced compost bins for fruit and vegetable waste at lunchtimes and breaktimes and taught the school about the 3R's.

This is something we would like to do next year and pass on to the next school Council.


Taking food donations at Harvest time to Kirkham Foodbank.

Meeting every month after school to carry out our action plan ideas in our own time and some meetings at luchtimes.

2015-2016 School Council